Does My Business Really Need a Website? 7 Reasons We Say Yes!

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The short answer is yes. Even if you’re a one-person operation selling handmade goods out of your home, you need a website.

In today’s digital age, customers expect to be able to find businesses online, and a website is the best way to make sure that happens.

Once upon a time, you could treat your website like a virtual billboard or business card, but now your website is essential for building trust with potential customers. When people can’t meet you or experience your products in person, they rely on your website to give them a sense of who you are and what you’re all about.

Did you know 88% of online consumers are unlikely to return after a bad experience? Having a stellar website helps demonstrate that you’re a credible business worth their time and money.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether you should finally build a website for your business, here are seven compelling reasons to help you make up your mind:

Build Trust and Credibility Through Social Proof

Fair or not, having even a one-page website instantly establishes legitimacy. An online presence has become an expectation so many people won’t do business with a company they can’t Google.

A well-designed website will show potential customers that you take your business seriously, which encourages them to do the same.

It also helps build social proof by providing potential customers with information about your business, product, or service. Include customer testimonials, reviews, awards, and media mentions on your website to show that others have had success with your business. These are all excellent ways to show potential customers that you’re a trusted authority in your industry.

Maintain Control Over Your Business

If a website is the digital equivalent of owning your own property, then your social media business page is a rental.

Remember when Facebook went down for the day? What if the infamous platform shut its doors tomorrow? Would your business still thrive? It’s great to have a page on Instagram or TikTok, but ultimately you’re at the mercy of the algorithm.

With a website, you have control of your business information, message, and access to your customers. There are no rules around what you can say, how you display your products or service, or how you engage with your target market. You may not own your friend list, but you can reach out to your email list whenever you want.

Position Yourself as an Authority or Thought Leader

We’ve already spoken about how having a website establishes legitimacy as a business, but what if you want to be seen as an authority or thought leader in your industry?

Your website is the perfect platform to share your knowledge, insights, and perspective with your target audience. Use blog posts, infographics, or eBooks to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can also use your website to host value-packed webinars and podcasts, which help you connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

Establish Your Brand Identity and Recognition

Your website is like your online home. It’s a place where you can share your story, values, and mission with the world. This is crucial for building a strong brand identity that potential customers can connect with.

Think of your website as an extension of your brand experience. It should reflect your brand’s personality, style, and tone. Consistency is key when it comes to branding, so make sure your website design, copy, imagery, and overall feel match the rest of your marketing materials.

Streamline Virtual Business Operations

Your website is integral in automating many of the tasks associated with running a business, such as scheduling appointments, payments, and customer support.

There are many plugins and integrations available to help streamline these processes. For example, you can use a plugin to create custom forms for your website that visitors can use to schedule appointments or make requests. You can also integrate payment processors like PayPal or Stripe to accept payments directly on your website.

By automating these tasks, you can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Improve Customer Service and Generate Sales Effortlessly

More money with less work? Um, yes, please! Even when you’re not working, your website is still out there doing its thing. Your website is a powerful marketing and sales tool that can help you close more deals. It’s there to answer questions, make sales, and build relationships with customers.

There are a few things you can do to make the most of your website:

  • Ensure your contact information is easy to find and up-to-date. Nothing frustrates customers more than trying to reach out to a company and getting no response.
  • Consider adding a live chat feature to your site so customers can get help in real-time.
  • Create a detailed FAQ and/or How-To page so customers can easily find the answers they need.
  • Keep your website updated with fresh content and relevant information
  • Include strong calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website so you can encourage potential customers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

By making your website a valuable resource for your customers, you can improve customer service and sales effortlessly.

Get Found in Search Results

Want to get found online? Well, you need a website! More people than ever are researching businesses online before they make a purchase. 81% of consumers say they rely on their own research to make a decision before a decision. If you don’t have a website, potential customers will go to your competitors to find the product or service they need.

On a more technical level, a website gives you complete control over your search engine optimization (SEO). This means you can choose the keywords and phrases you want to rank for, and then optimize your website content accordingly.

The bottom line is this: a website is a non-negotiable part of doing business online. If you want to stay competitive, you need to have a website that meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to take action!

If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help. At Luckett & Co., we’re experts in website design, development, and digital marketing. Contact us today and let’s get started on creating a website that will help your business thrive.



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