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Sequena Luckett

What Matters Most 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher, like those that taught me. They were fun, innovative, and had character. However, I became a graphic and web designer instead.

I became a graphic designer twelve years ago because I’ve always had a passion for making things beautiful. At the time I was creating stationery for weddings and parties, and I hired a designer to create a website for my business that I ended up hating! I got bitten by the web design bug when I had to design my website; you can say web design was an accident. I continue to hone my craft and over the years have taught many clients how to use and update their sites.

Coaching wasn’t something I ever imagined doing. However, I found myself sharing with others the lessons learned in life and business and realized I had become a teacher in a way.

It is my mission to help business owners succeed because I didn’t have anyone to provide guidance and help me achieve my goals. Through many trials and errors, I was able to figure things out. Along the way, my motto became God first + Love + Passion = Success. I believe wholeheartedly that each of these aspects can help you find the beauty in all that you do.

My pride and joy are to help you convert leads into paid clients. It’s a beautiful thing to plan your next steps and build a strategy to grow your business. That strategy includes hitting your goals. Plan it – Streamline it – Automate it – Implement it.

Why I Do What I Do…

I love helping others succeed in pursuing their passions.

I encourage business owners to be great for themselves and their families. Every person has a journey to take, and it begins with a leap of faith. When I started my trip, I had no clue what I was doing! Along the way, I learned that abundance flows to you when you stay positive and believe in yourself. Despite my struggles, I have always landed on my feet. One thing I’ve learned, embrace what makes you unique, and you will shine! The reason why your website is important is that it is where people learn about you and your business. Strengthen your family legacy by building a sustainable business.

“God First + Love + Passion = Success”

Be Confident & Consistent  

When I started, I had no idea what it would take to succeed but knew I wanted to own a business. I have operated several businesses since I was 12 years old, from selling papers door to door to gift baskets at parties to wedding invitations. I had no idea my passion would take me this far. Owning a business truly got real for me when I started focusing on one thing, being consistent, and showing up in my business.


“From Hustle to Business”

My business was all over the place. I had no pricing structure, no real way of seeing progress, and no help. I was a hustler! I hustled so much I jumped from one business to another to trial and errors everywhere. Through it all, I learned how to start a business but not how to maintain it. I decided to invest in myself and hired a coach to guide me through the trial and error process.

As a result, things started to change for me I became more consistent; people began to pay attention. I started getting spots on podcasts such as TLC Talk Radio with Tasha, Miko & Fred, and Systems Saved Me with the fantastic Jordan Gill. I landed speaking engagements with incredible groups like Women Elevating Women (W.E.W.). I also began creating more websites for clients needing to show off their uniqueness to the world.

Building websites may have come about by accident but having the confidence to start this business and be present in it is extremely rewarding. I am here to teach, strategize, and build to help others be successful in all that they do.

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