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Sequena Luckett

What Matters Most 

When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher, like those that taught me. They were fun, innovative and had character. However, I became a graphic and web designer instead.

I became a graphic designer nine years ago because I’ve always had a passion to make things beautiful. At the time I was creating stationery for weddings and parties and I hired a designer to create a website for my business that I ended up hating! I got bitten by the web design bug when I decided to design my own website. I continue to hone my craft and over the years I’ve taught many clients how to use and update their own websites.

Coaching was not something I imagined I would ever do but as I found myself sharing with others what I had learned by trial and error in life and in business, I realized that I had become a teacher.

It is my mission to help others succeed in business because I didn’t have anyone to hold my hand and help me achieve my goals. My personal motto is ‘God First + Love + Passions = Success.’ I believe wholeheartedly that each of these aspects help you find the beauty in all that you do.

It is my pride and joy to help lady bosses succeed. It is a wonderful thing to build a brand that connects with your audience, and that’s what I will help you to do.

Why I do What I do…

I do what I do because I love helping people succeed at doing what they are passionate about.

I encourage women to be great for themselves and their families. Every person has a journey to take and it begins with a leap of faith. When I began my journey I had no clue what I was doing! Along the way I learned that abundance flows to you when you stay positive and believe in yourself. Despite my struggles I have always landed on my feet. Embrace your unique quirks and you will shine!

God First + Love + Passion = Success”


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