An Amazing 2019 Fresh New Start

When I decided to write this blog post I was thinking what am I going to say. I mean I really don’t want to talk about New Year’s resolutions because we all know we truly never stick to them…

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Lady Boss Series Tasha Clopton

Tasha Clopton talks about how to build an online talk radio show with less that $1,000…

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Lady Boss Series Quiana Darden

Quaina Darden talks about how her small business came to as a mom that found that financial literacy is important. She talks about what inspired her to get it together and how you can too…

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Lady Boss Series Tanja Koehler

Tanja Koehler talks about how small business owners do not need to have full-time employees because they are small. She is inspiring women to take on big businesses in a small way using a virtual assistant…

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What the Movie “The Founder” Taught Me About Business

Movies are made to be entertaining. They are funny, dramatic, and mesmerizing. I am a huge fan of movies especially movies that teach you something. I recently saw the movie “The Founder” directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Robert D. Siegel. It is about Ray Croc the founder of McDonalds played by Michael Keaton. I am not going to tell the entire movie because I think that you should learn for yourself, these are some things that I’ve taken away from the movie that has helped me develop my business this year. I hope that these will help you to develop your business…

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How to be the Influencer in Your Industry

Believe it or not you are already an expert. You have come leaps and bounds just because you have started your business. You have taken the time to do what some women have not; you’ve made a decision. You have decided to take charge of your life and become the CEO of your future…

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Introducing Lady Boss Maven Mastermind: Why Your 9 to 5 is NOT a Forever Income

In this day and age you can be anything you want, achieve any goal, obtain any income, and the list goes on and on. Right now we are in a state of emergency. Large companies are going under, making 9 to 5 jobs slim to none. We’re in survival mode, maintaining jobs we hate just to stay afloat…

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5 Must Reads For Your Business

I’m an avid reader. My love for books is right next to helping others succeed in their business ventures. Over the years, I’ve come across some great reads that have proven beneficial for my business. My top 5 are listed below. There are many more that could be added…

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Lady Boss Series Yolanda Battle

Yolanda Simmons-Battle started her business 2 years ago giving her the opportunity to inspire women to have beautiful skin as well as beautiful lives…

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Lady Boss Series Siobhan Lennox

Siobahn Lennox shares her journey on how she started in her business and why it is important to make some sacrifices to succeed…

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Lady Boss Series Amy Wiggins

Amy Wiggins a.k.a Mama Wigs she is a Wellness Advocate at doTerra. She wants to inspire women! Letting them know through wellness your journey can be amazing…

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How to Gain 1 New Client This Week

Building an email list is like gold to your business. It is something I had to learn when I started my business years ago. I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed to do to grow my email list. I started to experiment…

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Lady Boss Series Dominique Jones

Pastry Chef Dominique Jones owner of Scratch My Batch talks about how she can to get into her business and why she chose her passion as a serious business…

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5 Reasons Why Your Logo Is A Great Investment

When it comes to your business cost is everything. Do you invest in your logo? I have 5 reasons why your logo is a great investment. The option is that it is near and dear to me. Years ago I invested in my logo design before I became a designer myself. It was one of the best investments that I ever made for my business…

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