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Months In Business

How many years have you been in business?
7 months

How old is your business?
The business was founded in 2002 by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Initially they started in high end retail stores and then in 2007 they pulled out of the traditional retail model and started operating with the model we have to do, social commerce.

What is a big success in your business thus far? 
There have been several successes most recently I made my second promotion and was rewarded with jewelry, a pay rise and beautiful gifts from my team. But honestly for me my biggest success was watching my first team mate reach her first promotion. Watching her, helping her through mentoring and coaching and seeing her succeed has been one of the biggest successes for me this far.

What made you start your business?
Wow, that is a good question. The short answer, for many many reason, but mostly… What If?, what if this was the opportunity that helped me turn my dreams into reality. A second income stream, to diversify my income sources, with uncapped potential for residual income and growth. An ability to take control of my finances and my destiny and not be beholden to the system. This all spoke to me and said now, now was the time to jump.

How much money did you have to start your business?
I used my bonus from my day job and I invested in a business starter kit for about $700.

How do people find your business?
My business is on social media:
Website: www.slennox.myrandf.com/ca
Instagram: @leniproof
Blog: www.leniproof.wordpress.com

How do you market your business for people to build awareness?
Through social media. I post on my personal Facebook page and Instagram feed and InstaStories as I believe that people buy into you and then secondly buy your products/services so you need to create the brand of you. You are interesting and people want to hear what you have to say so sell you and people will then buy you.

When you started what sacrifices did you make to move your business forward?
I gave up TV. I prioritized this business and made time for it. I mapped out a typical day and decided how I could utilize the snippets of time I wasn’t doing my day job and focused those snippets of time into my own business.

For example, I have a 20 minute commute on public transit each way every day. That is 40 minutes of time where in the past I would have scrolled Facebook/Instagram or looked on Pinterest. Well now I have 40 minutes to focus on my income producing activities. I use my lunch break to do more, there is an extra 30 minutes. I come home and dedicate another 30 minutes to hour, my team and I call it our power hour time. Where we switch off from any outside distractions and just focus on our business. You can achieve a lot in an hour with no distractions.

Do you have any advice for a budding entrepreneur?
Do it! You will always have doubt but don’t let doubt control you. You just have to start doing, you may think you don’t know what you are doing, and honestly you are probably right you don’t know everything but the easiest way to learn is by doing. So just go for it. Talk to everybody, tell everybody what you are doing and why. People love a story so remember to tell them the story not just sell them a product or service.

How will what you are offering make their life better. And remember this is a long game, yes some people launch at the right time with the right product in the right place and book they have almost overnight success it seems, but remember you have no idea what they did before this. No two journeys will ever be the same so don’t compare yours to someone else. Focus on your journey and try to enjoy it. Starting your own business will be hard but it should also be fun.

Where do you see your business in the next year?
Two have grown my team across 3 countries, to increase my income, to have grown my customer base and to have them on a regular order schedule so that they get the best skincare of their lives on a consistent and timely basis.

What are your goals for the next 5 years in your business?
To have reached the top level in my business and have retired my husband so that he can focus on his passion without having to worry about how we will pay our household bills each month. To still be love what I am doing and getting out of bed each day and be excited for what I have to do.

What are the new things people can expect in your business?
This week we launched two new products to market, to help our customers and consultants slow the appearance of aging skin even faster. We also have another product launching next month, bye-bye under eye dark circles. We are also committed to launching 2 new innovative products to market each year alongside a program of continued global expansion.

Is there anything you’d like people to know about your business?
This business attracts the most diverse group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with and alongside and we all start from a level playing field no matter where we came from. This business is simple but it is hard, as with any other business it requires consistency, patience and hard work but the rewards are incredible and the team work, mentoring, collegiality is incredible and nothing I have experienced in any other industry. We are building a legacy and you can too.

Tell us something personal about yourself that you would like us to know:

What is your favorite color?
Yellow, it makes me smile just saying the word.

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