Months Business Has Been In Progress

Months In Business

How many months have you been in business?
3 months

How old is your business?
3 months

What is a big success in your business thus far? 
Truly connecting with women and speaking with them directly about their financial troubles. It’s one thing to know that women struggle with financial knowledge & their financial mindset & the idea of investing, it’s another thing to speak with different women & hear their stories.

What made you start your business?
I realized that my job (elementary school teacher) would never be enough to get me to the level of wealth I wanted for myself & my daughter. So, I began looking at my talents & realized that I am very skilled in helping people with their finances. On a wider scale, I want to empower women to take control of their finances. At this point, women are often the main breadwinner, women are starting the most businesses, more women are single mothers. We need to be fiscally knowledgeable & financially responsible in this day. No questions asked.

How much money did you have to start your business?
I didn’t really put money into my business to start it.I had an old website that I converted to my financial coaching website, I use my phone for my videos & everything else is time. I did sign up for Acuity Scheduling which is $10/month. All of my other tools are free.

How do people find your business?
My business is on social media:
Instagram: @quianadarden
Website: www.quianadarden.com

How do you market your business for people to build awareness?
Social media, Facebook live & Instagram live, business groups on Facebook, collaborations with other business owners. Currently, I am building my business organically, not through paid ads of any sort.

When you started what sacrifices did you make to move your business forward?
I sacrificed a lot of time. My evenings after work are spent working on business instead of relaxing. Once my daughter goes to sleep it’s work work work until I go to sleep. I realize that I have to sacrifice my time now until I am able to quit my 9-5.

Do you have any advice for a budding entrepreneur?
Like Nike, just do it! There willnever be the perfect time or situation. Just try out your concept, stick to it & tweak it along the way.

Where do you see your business in the next year?
I see myself with a strong tribe, I see myself focusing on a mastermind program that I’m launching called Money Minded Millennials Mastermind which will be launching in January. I see myself collaborating more with other business women & doing some in person events.

What are your goals for the next 5 years in your business?
will replace & greatly exceed my 9-5 income & become a full time entrepreneur making multiple 6 figures per year. I will do frequent in person events, I will be interviewed about my knowledge on TV, radio & podcasts. I will touch the lives of countless women & truly help them take control of their finances & build wealth.

What are the new things people can expect in your business?
As I said previously, my Money Minded Millennials Mastermind will launch mid January. It’s a 6 month mastermind program. You receive 2 video trainings per month along with monthly growth assignments and 1 live Q&A call with me per month. We will cover a variety of financial topics from your money mindset to investing to setting a budget to paying off student loans to getting out of debt to developing an organizational system for your financial records. I am pretty excited about launching this awesome program!

Is there anything you’d like people to know about your business?

Tell us something personal about yourself that you would like us to know:

What is the one thing in your life you can’t live without?
One thing I can’t live without? Love of my family.


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