Years Business Has Been In Progress

Years In Business

How many years have you been in business?
I started in July 2015, so a little over 2 years

How old is your business?
doTERRA was founded in 2008, so over 9 years. We are growing at a rapid rate with over 5 million members currently.

What is a big success in your business thus far? 
I coached 18 women to use essential oils to assist them in behavior change transformation that taught them how to eat healthier and develop an exercise routine for a 90 day period. Four out of my five teams made it into the top 20 teams within the program. There was a total of 235 teams. Many of the women saw changes in their appearance as well as their self-confidence.

What made you start your business?
After having many difficulties trying to have my second child, I became fed up with the healthcare system of “treating symptoms”. I wanted to take care of my health preventatively and learn what it takes to heal rather than a temporary fix. Natural solutions assisted in my full term pregnancy and at 22 weeks, I discovered essential oils. I quickly became infatuated with all the ways that I could heal myself and my family. Six months after having my second daughter I decided to take the plunge and teach others about the power of essential oils.

How much money did you have to start your business?
The great thing about this opportunity was that I was already meeting the requirements with my monthly order of one hundred dollars a month. My plan was to make enough monthly in order to pay for the products that I used. In addition I had to purchase products to educate others and supplies to show how to use the oils. I gave myself five hundred to start and I had to earn anything else that I wanted to invest.

How do people find your business?
Business Phone:(708)789-9117
Email: mamawigswellness@att.net
Website: www.mamawigswellness.com (Coming Soon)
Instagram: @mamawigwellness
YouTube: Amy Wiggins

How do you market your business for people to build awareness?
I go to various wellness and vendor fairs throughout the year to get my business out there at the local level. I use Instagram and Facebook a lot for advertising online. I am trying to incorporate more live videos and add them to You Tube as well. I also belong to some different mom groups, which is my target market. Building relationships with people has been my biggest asset for building awareness overall.

When you started what sacrifices did you make to move your business forward?
I wake up every morning at 4:07 am so that I can get to work on myself and my business, before my girls wake up. At first, I didn’t do this and I was trying to get work done only during nap time which lead to not too much getting accomplished. My morning routine forces me to focus when my brain is fresh.

Do you have any advice for a budding entrepreneur?
Work on yourself first. Personal development will help you understand the things that hold you back. If you are fearful of putting yourself out there, things will never happen. Be willing to take risks in your business and go outside the box. Make your business fun, if you don’t have that approach no one else will either.

Where do you see your business in the next year?
Growing at a steady pace so that I am bringing in money for my family, but still spending most of my time enjoying them. I like the online direction that my business is taking. This helps me to work my business during my time, but reach people that aren’t on the same schedule.

What are your goals for the next 5 years in your business?
I would like to continue working at home so that I can go with my girls on field trips and participate in holiday parties during the year. I want to add online fitness coaching to my site in addition to the oils and ultimately become an oily personal trainer.

What are the new things people can expect in your business?
I am starting to collaborate a little bit more with different types of businesses. I know that everyone can benefit from essential oils somehow!

Is there anything you’d like people to know about your business?
I am not a witch doctor!! These oils are a gift of the earth, given to us by our father in heaven! He sent me on a mission to help others understand that it’s time to take the power to create healing into our own hands.

Tell us something personal about yourself that you would like us to know:

What is your mission in your life that you’d like to achieve?
I want to INSPIRE moms to change their life for the best!! There are so many mothers that don’t enjoy life, they walk around missing a part of themselves in order to be a mother. Being a mom is not about running on fumes, it’s about being an example to your kids that you are a warrior, that you can withstand ANYTHING life throws at you.

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