Believe it or not you are already an expert. You have come leaps and bounds just because you have started your business. You have taken the time to do what some women have not; you’ve made a decision. You have decided to take charge of your life and become the CEO of your future. You are a beast in the best regard. You are AMAZING! 

I know that owning a business is hard work, but how badly do you want it. I have spoken about the staggering numbers where there are 11.3 million women business owners, 1.9 million are African American and only makes a little over $26K in revenue each year. I am so happy that each year there is a growth in women owned businesses, but the issue is why are African American women not in the 6-Figure club. It is time to change those numbers. I have a few pointers to change those numbers. Small things that you can start doing today to see a rise in your numbers. 

1. Create Your Ideal Client

It is not hard to figure out who is your target audience. Niche down to the one person you want to serve. Start out by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • What type of person is my ideal client?
  • What are some of the things that like to do? (i.e hang on social media, hobby, hang with friends, etc.)
  • How much would they spend on a products/services that they love?

Create a story about this person as if they are real to you. They may even be a real person to you I can tell you that my ideal client was someone that I knew very well. She was the person that played no games and knew exactly what she wanted when she wanted it. I researched her through social media, I got to know her I studied her and she became my friend. I want you to do the same thing. Learn about your ideal client who is she. 

2. Find your uniqueness

You have a uniqueness that is like no other. There is something about you that makes you who you are as a person. I have a friend that is amazing she is quite, but once you get to know her she has a funny side of her that you will not know exist unless you take the time to get to know her. I have another friend that is open, fun, and is the life of the party. She is the person you want to have along with you when you are out on the town or at a party because she can make some dreaded moments the best time you’ve ever had.

So what unique qualities do you bring to the table? What is the one thing that people say about you that no one else has. Here is an exercise for you: Ask the question on your social media page or privately to your friends, family, or even strangers:

  • What is the one thing that you love about me?
  • What is the one thing you think makes me unique? 

3. Know your industry 

Research is key to owning a business. Figure out if the product/service you are offering will resonate with others. The question is how? Chances are there is someone out here doing what you want to do and is a rockstar at it. Follow them see what they are doing, maybe even take one of their courses. You might even be surprised when you reach out to them how open they are. Another great thing about the internet is finding books on the subject, joining forums, and Facebook groups to help get you going to answering some peoples questions.

How do you become the influencer in your industry? You answer questions you become the expert in your own right. When you join the forums or become members of a Facebook group become active within that community, leverage the groups that you are in. Be sure to join with a purpose. Answer questions that people are asking. Eventually you will become the go to person.

Here is some quick advice: Create products/services based off of one problem people are having. Fix the problem and become the maven in your industry. 

4. Be Consistent

Choose two social media platforms that you’d like to tackle. I say only two because you can’t do everything you will burn yourself out. I love Facebook and Instagram because the opportunities are growing with these two platforms within the business sector. If you are going to use Facebook LIVE then do it weekly. If you love Instagram Stories then do it daily. Whatever you do choose the platform that is right for you. 

Your audience is looking forward to seeing you so be consistent with what you do. This is how you will build your know, like, and trust factor with your audience. They have to consistently see who you are as a person. Do what is best for you, while giving to your audience in a consistent way.


To be an influencer you must know who you are speaking to with your audience. Be unique when you are speaking to your audience this is one of the most important factors. Know your industry and follow the people you admire they will help you advance. Be consistent in all that you are doing, to build trust. 

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