We all struggle with the gaining new clients. Build Your Brand with this step by step guide.

Building an email list is like gold to your business. It is something I had to learn when I started my business years ago. I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed to do to grow my email list. I started to experiment to build my list. I know that technology has taken over the world. It is something that is not going away and is expanding daily, so I had to find a way to grow and gain my clients the best way I knew how. For my non-techies building an email list via online is something that you will have to overcome soon, but not just yet. 💋

My way of doing things is a little old-fashioned, but it works. It actually does 2 things. First, it helps you to boost your confidence and second, it gains you more clients. I am all about killing 2 birds with 1 stone. This is how I get my clients to build their confidence and also how I make sure they are gaining new clients right away.

Back to technology for a moment we will only need 1 aspect of technology and that is your email marketing company. I use ConvertKit and if you don’t have it no worries you can check them out. I’ve provided a link to get you started if you want to use it.

Pull out your old trusty business cards. Yes I said business cards! If you don’t have a business then run down to Staples, FedEx or your local print shop and grab you some. I prefer that they be branded with your business, but if you have not figured out your branding yet there is no reason why you should not have a business card anyway.

NO EXCUSES! Just get some ASAP. Yes I am yelling at you a little bit, because in business we procrastinate and we are not doing that today. 💋

There are a few steps we should be taking to gain our new client, but once you get started the steps become easier and easier.


Here are the Steps to Gaining 1 New Client This Week:

1. Set Up Email Marketing 

This can be ConvertKit or Mail Chimp, this is where you will collect your email addresses for your email list to grow. This is the only technology that you will need at this time. No worries if you are not tech savvy you really don’t have to be just set up the account for now. Again I am a ConvertKit fan so check it out to see if it is right for you. 

2. Get Business Cards 

You can get some business cards made in an hour or two. Go to your local Staples, FedEx or local print shop to have some made. This is what is so great about our fast moving world we don’t have to wait anymore for lots of things. Usually what we need is just a drive or a phone call away. 

3. Pass Business Cards Out 

Here is the fun confident building part and find a new client this week. Pass them out. I don’t mean just walk around giving it to anyone on the street I mean striking up a conversation with people that are your ideal clients. On a given day as you are out going to your 9-5, doctors office, grocery store, etc. You will encounter lots of people. So make it a point to pass out at least 10 business cards a day.

Don’t let the number overwhelm you start with 5 and work your way up, but if you are trying to gain one client this week then you have to chat with many people. I know that selling people on a product or service can be tough. You will not seem like a sales person if you are genuine with people and have your own unique flare.  

For example: I have a fabulous client that hated to sell her products. She did not want to come off as pushy. I know the feeling I hate pushy sales people. I told her to do two things:

1. Ask a question to the person. It has to pertain to what you are selling, but you are not selling you are simply striking up a conversation. 

2. Give her your business card and collect hers or offer to send her something via email. Be prepared to send her something if she does not have a business card collect her email address. If you have a product with samples that you can give collect all of her info to send it to her via mail. Be sure to collect her email address this is how you can stay in touch, when she receives her samples as well as your weekly of monthly newsletter. 

I’ll turn the buck on me for a bit. I give out my business card all the time. I ask a person what they do for a living to strike up a conversation. Then I ask them if they own a business or have considered owning one. Again striking up the conversation. Use open ended questions get them to talk about themselves this is how we learn about them. It is not about you!  

I then tell people I am a success coach offer up my business cards. They are intrigued and I tell them that I help people with branding and websites. I ask them if they have a business card or an email so that I can send them something. Then I say something like let’s connect for coffee or do a quick discovery call with them. I schedule a time and email them with the schedule time and date through my calendar. Easy Peasy! 

I did a few of things  

1. I got to know them

2. I collected their information

3. I created a way to discuss what I can do for them further, by asking them to meet to chat more about their business.

These are 3 steps you can take to get you 1 client this week. I am a firm believer that you must build your confidence to gain more clients. If you don’t then you have no business. Connect with people, learn about people, and build a successful business. 

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