5 Reasons Why Your Logo Is A Great Investment -- Branding is everything to your business. Logo's are the most important aspect of your business. Have it professionally designed and don't be afraid of the cost. It will be one of the best investments ever made.

When it comes to your business cost is everything. Do you invest in your logo? I have 5 reasons why your logo is a great investment. The option is that it is near and dear to me. Years ago I invested in my logo design before I became a designer myself. It was one of the best investments that I ever made for my business.

The truth is your logo is apart of your business identity and there are several reasons why you should think about how you are perceived by your target audience. Here are the reasons why your logo may be one of the best decisions you’ll make when it comes to your business.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Is A Great Investment: 1. First Impression Your logo is the first thing people see when they see your business. It is something that people pay attention to. Why? The reason is because people are visual. People see your brand in this little snippet called your logo. In some way it tells people who you are as a company and how they connect with you. It is the first thing that people notice when they see your company. Think you your company as a person and what they see is your logo as being that person. Is it a good impression? Think about it that way does it have clean lines, is it messy, or is it something that you want to see more of in the future.  Your logo should have a lasting impression on your target audience. 2. First Step To Building Your Brand Your brand has to start somewhere and it starts with your logo design. A brand is a design that is cohesive in look, feel, and color. It starts here. When I am working with a client I always ask about their logo. I need to know if it is existing or there is one that needs to be designed. Your logo is an aspect that needs to be considered first because every aspect of your brand is built around your logo.  Ask yourself what is my brand all about? Is it a little bit country, is it a little bit rock-n-roll?  What is your business all about? Your logo answers these questions, then you will know how to proceed with your logo design.  3. A Great Logo Let’s People Know You Mean Business When you have a professional logo designed you are telling people that you mean business. If you have a logo that has no thought behind it. It tells people that you do not care what they think about your brand. When you take the time to have something professionally designed it shows you care about your brand and you care about your clients. Your logo leaves a lasting impression on people it is how people identify with your business brand so overall it completely tells people that your business is first off here to stay and secondly you care what your brand is all about. 4. Risk of Being Sued (Cheap Out On Your Logo Could Become A Nightmare) I am all about low cost when it comes to some aspects of my business. I may not have to pay so much for the ink in my printer or the home office desk chair. When it comes to a logo design you may not want to cheap out on that. Let’s say you pay someone $50 to design a logo for you. You are excited that you got it and start posting it every chance you get. Weeks even months go by, then you get an email from a business owner that says ‘Please remove your logo because it is a copy right infringement on our logo’. That is like a stab in the heart because you paid a cheap company to design a logo only to find that they took someone else design and gave it to you as your own. Trust me this can happen. Especially with the cheap pay as you go companies that shall remain nameless. You all know which companies I am talking about.  They create lots of buzz on getting your logo designed at a cheap price and you find out that they just took your money and now you have to take the time to remove all the things that you worked on that has your logo one it. Otherwise you can get sued. Sometimes it is not as simple as a letter of removal. Sometimes it is legal documents to show up in court. This is why you should want a professional that will take the time to actually design your logo based on your company and is not skimping by stealing someone else logo just to make a quick buck. 5. Pro Designers Gives You Everything You Need For Print & Web I have seen some instances where businesses have had a logo designed and all they have is a small jpeg. This is very bad their designer did not give them anything other than that. Why is this an issue? Let’s say you’re printing on a brochure for your business, if your logo is small then it can’t be stretched to accommodate an area to be printed. It could become pixelated and very hard to read. Do you see why this is an issue?  A professional will give you multiple files such as a .eps, jpeg, .png files to name a few. They will give you these for the very reason you have to print that business brochure. In order for your logo to not be pixelated then your printer will need certain files to to the job. You may not be able to open these files without the correct software, but your professional designer that you are paying to create that brochure can or your print company can take your logo and it be crisp and clean for print.  Conclusion Having a pro designer design your logo has a great investment. You will have someone hold your hand through the design process as well as give you everything that you need to get you what you want for a great logo. I highly recommend that you work with someone that is there to help you and come up with something for your brand.  

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