I’m an avid reader. My love for books is right next to helping others succeed in their business ventures. Over the years, I’ve come across some great reads that have proven beneficial for my business. My top 5 are listed below. There are many more that could be added to this list but these are the ones I live by in my business.

Here are the 5 Must Reads For Your Business:

1. Profit First

This is an amazing book about starting your business off on the right foot, with profits. Often businesses start out in the red then over the next year or so, start showing a profit. Mike Michalowicz, a successful entrepreneur, discusses taking a profit in your business before paying any bills.

This is a must read to get your business started in the right direction.

2. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

This book is about is about figuring out why you started your business in the first place. I was trapped in a rut and this book brought things into prospective that reminded me why I started this journey.

This book will help you consider why you started your business, and how those same inspirations can spark growth and greater success.

3. Who Moved The Cheese?

A quick but powerful read about taking action in your business. Discover who you are in this book. Are you the one prepared to make the changes necessary to stay ahead or the one too afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

I chose this book because taking action is a requirement.

4. You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money

When it comes to the mindset about your money, you should come first in the equation. This book is about changing how you think about your money and how saying yes to yourself can result in success.

You are a badass so prove it to yourself and the rest of the world.

5. Super Rich

This book is about taking yourself to a higher level. It covers achieving the ultimate level of greatness in your life and business. This book is essential because you will learn the definition of true success and what’s required to achieve it.

Greatness is within you when it comes to your business. it is about achieving your goals, becoming more profitable, and finding your path to success. I believe that anyone can achieve the level of greatness that they require you just have to have the desire to want it. Tell me what you think about the books or if you have recommendations. Comment below. 

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