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Hey my name Sequena Luckett and I am a Business Branding Coach where I educate you on creating a brand that speaks from the heart. I know how important it is that you make a difference with your business and create an income from yourself. Currently I am working helping  businesses find additional revenue by doing a 20 minute clarity call to analyze your website and tell you 3 places where I see untapped potential.

20 Minute Clarity Call

A small change in your website can make a huge difference in revenue. Set your appointment for your 20 minute clarity call.

I started the consultation in July 2016 and for over 2 months with weekly appointments, Sequena has caused me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, caused me to ask myself some really difficult questions and accept the answers I’ve come up with. Her business acumen, her attention to detail and her strong sense of business strategy sets the pathway to reach YOUR destination of success. Sequena has kept me accountable, kept me honest and kept me busy!

Working with Sequena you will definitely do some work. If you are not ready to work, then this is not for you. But if you are ready to work and to set your path to success then Sequena is worth the time and the money.

Yolanda Simmons Battle

Mary Kay Consultant